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Culinary Expert, Consultant & Private Chef



Bernhard F. Zorn

Welcome to the world of culinary masterpieces

Experience the Best in Culinary Consultancy

Experienced Master Chef with a demonstrated history of working in the

International hospitality hotel,- restaurant and cruise industry 




Professional Global Master Chef, signatured with a wealth of knowledge and experience from across the globe.


I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most skilled individuals and celebrity chefs in the industry. The knowledge I’ve gained has allowed me to become the passionate Culinary Expert & Master Chef, I am today.

I am dedicated to providing world-class experiences, specialized in creating memorable

experience. I'm focusing on attention to detail from food preparation to presentation. We’re offering a wide range of dishes that cater to a variety of tastes to your preferences

At all times committed to deliver excellence

The  goal is to leave lasting impressions to clients & guest

"Food,- is (probably) the most important part of travelling";

"When you bring passion to what you do and you pair that with great quality ingredients, you'll always create an ultimate memorable culinary experience." .


One of my favorite recipes included

Courtesy, patience, positive thinking, understanding, conviction, resilience

all needs to be seasoned with sense of humor

Certified Global Master Chef ​World Chefs Association Société
Duck Liver Pate .._edited.jpg


  Explore the world of Flavours 

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